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October 04 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 13:24 ]
Difficultly with such heavy burden all to begin all over again. Here she has told to him everything, and it became easier not. - Why you have stopped the choice to San Francisco? - I do not know. Under influence of the moment. Has recollected, how to me here it was good. Besides here nobody knows me. - And you are not afraid of this? Has smiled: - I am afraid a little. But now from this even it is easier. It is sometimes good to live in full obscurity. Here I shall begin all once again. I can be simple to understand, that I actually cost. He has seriously looked at her. - Anyway, to forget, whom you were before. Has looked at John and has understood, that he is mistaken. - Business not in this.
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September 24 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 06:48 ]
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I do not know. It is quite conscious. Now to her all the same. What his business what happens? Even if she wished to kill herself? Well, it has not turned out, in fact it too touches only her. She is not obliged to speak anything to him. And that at her " A collection of names ", too not his business. - In what hospital you laid after an abortion? - he has asked and has brought a pencil above a map, not doubting at all, that she from the beginning up to the end, however with such readiness has named hospital in Atlanta, that he has looked at her.
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September 23 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 05:21 ]
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She and has not changed record in an insurance policy when has married for Anthony. - No, the Pier, - has hoarsely answered , being surprised with the voice, and has again rolled up a head: - No, I wished to tell,.. But also it too has sounded strange. She has already weaned to say this name aloud. - Yes at you the whole collection of names! - he was surprised. - do not object, if I shall sit down also we shall a little talk? Now has understood, why he wishes to talk with her. - Tell, that has happened the last night. She has turned away from him and began to look out of the window.
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September 22 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 09:51 ]
Her warned, that firstly she will have problems with a dream. But even somnolent has not assisted. She laid and looked on stood on to a bedside-table. So has has taken place, appear, some hours. And suddenly she has found the answer, been surprised why has not thought of this earlier. What for was to fly to San Francisco when everything, that was necessary for her, she had in New York.
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September 21 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 08:12 ]
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Stjuart, that is. $not very well who. He at home? - No, he on Bermudas. - Ah, here is how. When he will return? - Not earlier than April. He has has taken off there. The house. To you to give phone? And has suddenly understood, that not begins him to call. All is correct. And should be. She has hanged up and has silently sighed. The first night in hotel was disturbing, sleepless. The snow next morning has gone. It seemed strange as she only yesterday has returned therefrom where the spring reigned. Also has got at winter, with winds and blizzards, and she has no place to go. Instead of whether to leave from New York, has thought.
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September 17 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 04:45 ]
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Above her nurses exchanged significant sights and when she was examined by the doctor, have immediately brought to a room for sorts. The child was born in half an hour. The underdeveloped fruit expelled from a belly under incessant cries. Dead. 23 The plane has made soft planting at airport Dzh.. Lifelessly looked out of the window the bus rolled to a building of air terminal.
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September 15 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 08:12 ]
Bewildered having looked at her, he has has taken off a coat and has hung up him on a hanger. - What to you, ? - I wish to talk to you. She has been has been set up resolutely. Anthony absent-mindedly looked at her. - I do not have time. It is necessary to put on make-up. - Perfectly, it to us will not prevent. - she has moved up a chair and has sat down. Anthony has begun to worry. - today we had a talk from our common friend - About what? - Anthony has asked. It was appreciable, that to him it is inconvenient. - She speaks, that you married me only to receive a green map, and that in three weeks when half a year from the date of the conclusion of spoilage will expire, you from me will leave.
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September 09 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 04:13 ]
For a change we can stop even in boarding houses. And he has told, what fair sum should him pay. - Anthony, is a fairy tale! But it is necessary to him to tell. Has noticed, that he has used a word " We". Therefore she, regretting, has taken him for a hand and has frankly admitted: - Yes only I cannot, the darling. - to her was sick to speak it, but she continued: - I shall not go. - Certainly, you will go. Not be the little fool. Why, interestingly, you will not go? - Anthony is angry has looked at her and has risen. Has sustained his sight. - No, road.
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September 03 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 13:42 ]
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Has prepared for popcorn, but hardly to her has touched, and under a fur-tree each of them has put on a small package. It has reminded them old, kind cinema, and they have kissed with laughter. The first has opened bag. In him the pen stylized under olden time, - very nice laid. Has joyfully smiled. - This handle you will write the first play - Anthony has exclaimed. Has thanked him, has embraced and has strong - strongly kissed. - Now you open. She has presented him silver cuff links which he two weeks ago has chosen in a nearby antique shop. - , you have gone mad! Anthony was delighted and has run to replace a shirt, to try on cuff links.
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August 26 2010
Posted by Milf  [ 05:12 ]
It would not be desirable to leave for him. She has not been assured of him. How the lover he is good, and how the husband? - Perfectly. Write to me to England. -it has suddenly grieved. - What do you wish to tell? - has frowned. - That has told. I am obliged to abandon this country by Friday. Is in the end of next week? - Yes, when Friday will attend us next time. - Do not make jokes, me now not up to jokes. - Mutually.
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